The Art of the Lake District

The Art of the Lake District

From fine pieces of work from some of the art world’s old masters to vibrant, contemporary paintings and sculptures, the Lake District is bountiful when it comes to art. So, whether you are looking to see something very special or to purchase something for your own collection, the art of the Lake District will not disappoint.

Here Lakelovers Gold take a look at what is on offer and where to find it.

Brantwood, Coniston

The Brantwood House, once home to famous artist and art critic John Ruskin, is perhaps the most important venue in the Lake District when it comes to housing museum pieces.

Here, you will find John Ruskin aged 3 ½ by James Northcote and Ruskin’s lecture diagrams.

Brantwood also exhibits contemporary art and often showcases local artists such as Tracy Levine whose exhibition is at Brantwood until 3rd September 2017.

But, it isn’t only paintings that you will find at Brantwood, many of Ruskin’s personal treasures; furniture, antiques and other objet d’art can be seen throughout the house.

Set in a 250-acre estate with exquisite gardens, views across Coniston and the surrounding fells, Brantwood is much more than a destination for art lovers, it is a not to be missed Cumbrian institution.

View Cottages in Coniston close to Brantwood.

The Abbot Hall Art Gallery, Kendal

If you are more inspired by contemporary art from a wealth of international artists, then the Abbot Hall Art Gallery is the destination for you.

The opulent house was built in 1759, but by the 1950’s had gone to rack and ruin before being saved by a trust set up by local people.

Now an award-winning gallery, Abbot Hall boasts an impressive line-up for the summer exhibition 2017.  Painting Pop includes work from goliaths such as Peter Blake, Patrick Caulfield and Pauline Boty and is a celebration of British Pop Art circa 1962.

Also, this summer, you can see A Rake’s Progress, a series of etchings made by David Hockney in response to his first trip to New York in 1961.

As well as art, Abbot Hall hosts a myriad of events and learning activities for younger visitors and so serves as a wonderful venue for all.


Looking to buy?

If you are looking to buy a painting, sculpture whilst enjoying your Lakelovers Gold experience, there are numerous avenues for you to explore.

Lakes Art Gallery

The Lakes Art Gallery in Grasmere sells both prints and original works of art, many of which are Cumbrian landscapes or inspired by nature and the local livestock.

Castlegate House Gallery

Meanwhile, the Castlegate House Gallery hosts an altogether more eclectic range of works. Here work from internationally lauded artists such as Frank Auerbach sit alongside lesser known artists and like Sarah Carrington.

As a result, visitors with differing tastes in art can find something that appeals to them and have their eyes opened to work outside of the realms of their status quo.

Pablo Picasso once said, “The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.” And so if you feel like you need spiritual rejuvenation, the Lake District could prove to be your metaphorical pot of (Lakelovers) gold.


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