Terms & Conditions



In these terms and conditions:

1. Nature of the Agreement

1.1 Lakelovers are an agent for the Owner and the contract for the rental
of the Holiday Property is made between you and the Owner (not Lakelovers).
As Lakelovers act as an agent for the Owner we accept no liability for the
acts or failure to act of the Owner. In particular, we cannot accept
liability for any act or neglect by the Owner or for any faults or problems
with the Holiday Property. Our responsibility to you is limited to making
and processing the Holiday Let in accordance with your instructions.

1.2 The Holiday Let is granted by the Owner to you for the purpose of a
holiday. You agree that your Booking is for the sole purpose of holiday
accommodation and accept that you are not offered any rights other than the
right to occupy the Holiday Property as holiday accommodation for the
Holiday Period. The Holiday Let (including without limitation any long let)
is not an ‘Assured Shorthold Tenancy’ or protected under the Protection
from Eviction Act 1977.

1.3 If we are found to be at fault for any service we have provided (as
opposed to any service provided by the Owner) we will not pay more than the
commission we have earnt in relation to the Booking concerned together with
your reasonable expenses.

1.4 We do not limit or exclude any liability for death or injury caused by
our negligence or for any criminal act.

2. Making your Booking

2.1 All bookings depend on the Holiday Property being available. You, as
the party leader, must be at least 18 years old at the time of booking. You
confirm that you are authorised to book the Holiday Let and that all other
members of your party agree that the Holiday Let will be governed by these
Terms and Conditions. You, as the party leader, are responsible for making
all payments due to us.

2.2 As long as the Holiday Property is available and we have received all
the relevant payments from you, we will send you the Booking Form (see
below) as soon as reasonably possible. The Booking Form will show, among
other things, details of the Holiday Let, the amount you have paid and the
amount you still owe. Your binding contract with the Owner will only begin
when we issue you with the Booking Form on behalf of the Owner and no
contract exists until that time.

2.3 If we accept a payment or send you an email or other communication it
does not mean we have accepted a booking unless we have issued you with the
Booking Form. Please do not make any travel arrangements until we have
issued you with a Booking Form. We will send you your Booking Form either
by post or by email. If you book with us online, we will send your Booking
Form by email. If you book by post or phone, we will send your Booking Form
to you by post unless you tell us at the time of booking that you would
prefer it to be provided by email. It is your responsibility to check your
emails regularly and to let us know about any change to your email or
postal address.

2.4 When you receive your Booking Form, please check the details carefully.
If anything is not correct, please tell us immediately. If you book through
a travel agent, we may send your Booking Form and all other documents to
your travel agent.

2.5 Where we offer the option of a provisional telephone booking, the
Holiday Property will be released for general sale after the agreed time
period unless you fully confirm the Booking. As mentioned, no Holiday Let
exists until we have sent you a Booking Form

2.6 Lakelovers, on behalf of the Owner, has the right to cancel or to
refuse a Holiday Let at any time where we reasonably believe that (a) you
are likely to breach these Terms and Conditions; (b) any details supplied
by you in relation to your Booking are incorrect; or (c) you have behaved
in an abusive, threatening or unlawful manner to an Owner or to our staff.
If we cancel your Booking, we will tell you in writing and neither we nor
the Owner will have any liability to you.

3. Suitability for your needs

3.1 The details in Lakelovers’ website are intended to present a general
description of holiday properties and not all details can be included.
There may be small differences between a Holiday Property and its

3.2 We cannot be responsible for any inaccurate information relating to a
Holiday Property unless this was caused by Lakelovers’ negligence.

3.3 You should take reasonable steps to ensure that the Holiday Property is
suitable for your needs before you book. This may include issues such as
property type, location, access, facilities, layout, stairs, grounds/garden
and so on. Lakelovers will answer any queries about properties in order
that you can make an informed decision about a property’s suitability prior
to making a booking.

3.4 All properties are pinpointed on a map on the Lakelovers’ website.
Google street view is usually available for you to see the general setting
of the location. If you are still not sure if a location is suitable for
your requirements, you must enquire with Lakelovers to satisfy yourself the
property is in a suitable location/setting for you.

3.5 If you or any member of your party has any disability that may affect
your stay at a Holiday Property please let us have details before you book.
If the Owner reasonably feels unable to meet that person’s needs they may
decline or cancel a Holiday Let.

3.6 We cannot be liable for any changes to local services or attractions.

4. Lakelovers

Lakelovers are the agents of the Owner and are duly authorised to act on
the Owner’s behalf in matters relating to the Holiday Let in accordance
with the Terms and Conditions

5. Your Stay

Where a Holiday Let has been confirmed, the Owner permits you to occupy the
Holiday Property for the Holiday Period for the Holiday Cost. For the
avoidance of doubt, further information may be obtained by calling 015394

6. Your Obligations

You and your Party must:

6.1 allow the Owner and/or Lakelovers access to the Holiday Property with
or without you or your Party being present if certain circumstances or
emergencies happen, for example: to enable maintenance or repair work to be
carried out, to enable the Owner and/or Lakelovers to comply with all
relevant statutory requirements and the requirements of regulatory bodies,
to inspect the Holiday Property (including where a complaint has been made)
and to allow visits (following advance notification to You) by inspectors
representing Visit England. The Owner and/or Lakelovers may also enter the
Holiday Property if you break these Terms and Conditions;

6.2 keep the Holiday Property and it contents (including furnishings,
kitchen equipment, crockery, glasses, bedding and towels) clean and in
good condition and be responsible for the cost of repairing any damage
to the same. You may be asked to sign an inventory of contents;

6.3 not cause any damage to any part of the Holiday Property, its fixtures,
fittings, contents, décor, equipment or grounds. Failure to uphold these
obligations may lead to a claim against you for costs;

6.4 leave the Holiday Property in the same condition as you found it on

6.5 behave in a way that does not break the law while at the Holiday

6.6 not sublet the Holiday Property or allow any person to stay in who is a
not a named member of your party;

6.7 tell us or the Owner about any damage to the Holiday Property or
its contents as soon as possible;

6.8 not do anything that may reasonably be considered to cause a nuisance
or annoyance to anyone or act in an anti-social manner;

6.9 not smoke in any part of the Holiday Property. If it is reasonably
believed that smoking has occurred during your stay you may be required to
vacate the Holiday Property and forfeit the remainder of your booking. If
we or the Owner reasonably believe that smoking has occurred a charge may
be made to rectify this up to and including liability for the cost of
cancelling all or part of any subsequent booking if the Holiday Property
has been rendered uninhabitable;

6.10 not do or permit any act reasonably likely to make any insurance
policy on the Holiday Property void or voidable or increase the premium and
including over occupation of the Holiday Property, i.e. no more than the
advertised number of occupants designated for the Holiday Property may
occupy the Holiday Property to include infants/babies. You must not permit
temporary visitors to the Holiday Property to stay overnight nor block any
fire escape routes or access to opening windows. Should you breach this
term you may be required to vacate the Holiday Property with the Holiday
Let being treated as if it had been cancelled by you. In such a situation
you will forfeit the value of any unexpired portion of your stay and no
consideration will be made towards any associated costs you may incur as a
consequence of you being required to vacate the Holiday Property;

6.11 not arrange for or allow visitors to the Holiday Property without the
prior agreement of the Owner or allow anyone who is not a member of your
Party to stay at the Holiday Property;

6.12 not bring any pet to a Holiday Property which is advertised as not
allowing pets, otherwise an additional cleaning charge may be made to
you for any additional work required to render the Holiday Property
habitable for any subsequent guests who may suffer from an allergy. In
addition an Owner may refuse to allow pets (other than genuine
assistance animals) access to a Holiday Property where they are not
allowed. We cannot guarantee that any Holiday Property will not have
had an animal in it;

6.13 vacate the Holiday Property by 10am on the departure date. Failure
to do so may result in you being charged a further day’s proportionate
Holiday Cost at the prevailing tariff into which your occupation

7. Unreasonable Behaviour

Owners can refuse to allow access to Holiday Properties if the unreasonable
behaviour of anyone in your party is likely to cause offence to other
guests, to members of staff or to neighbours, or if the Owner reasonably
believes that you or any member of your party will cause damage to the
Holiday Property. If this happens, the contract between you and the Owner
will end and you will not receive any refund and neither we nor the Owner
will have any further liability to you.

8. Payment and Pricing

8.1 You must pay one third of the Holiday Cost, of the cost of any selected
extras (payable for each week or part week booked) and the booking fee (in
full) by debit or credit card, when placing your booking with Lakelovers.
The balance of the Holiday Cost and of the cost of any extras is due eight
weeks before the Commencement Date.

8.2 Where you have chosen to buy extras through our website (such as
leisure passes or logs) your agreement is with the provider and not with
Lakelovers and Lakelovers is not responsible for any item bought in this

8.3 Where a booking is made less than eight weeks before the Commencement
Date you must pay in full when booking the Holiday Let.

8.4 No additional charge will be made for payments made by debit card,
credit card or cheque.

8.5 If you do not make any payment due by the specified date we, on behalf
of the Owner, are entitled to assume that you want to cancel your booking
and your booking will be cancelled immediately. In this case you may have
to make additional payments.

8.6 Lakelovers acts as an agent and other than the booking fee (which we
may charge ourselves for the services we provide in administering your
booking) and the charge for the Good Housekeeping Waiver all charges
(including cancellation charges) and refunds are made for and on behalf of
the Owner.

8.7 The prices of unbooked properties may be changed at any time. The price
of the Holiday Let will be confirmed in the Booking Form. Please check the
price and all other details after you receive the Booking Form and let us
know as soon as possible if you have any questions.

8.8 Prices are for the Holiday Property as a whole and are not linked to
the size of your party. No compensation is payable if any member of your
party does not occupy the Holiday Property.

9. The Holiday Period

9.1 The Holiday Period will commence at 4:00 pm on the Commencement Date
and you must have vacated the Holiday Property with your Party and all your
property by 10:00 am on the departure date. Failure to do so may result in
you being charged a further day’s proportionate Holiday Cost as per
condition 6.13.

9.2 Bookings lasting longer than 28 days are treated as ‘long lets’. All
terms included for standard shorter duration bookings apply to long lets.
In addition, the following conditions also apply:

9.3 The Holiday Property is let to you for the purposes of an extended
holiday only and no rights of tenancy are implied through a stay lasting
longer than 28 days. Occupancy of the Holiday Property is restricted to one
party only and Lakelovers may ask for details of the members of the party
to ensure the Owner’s insurance is not invalidated through over occupancy
or any other reason pertaining to an unsuitable party composition (e.g.
bringing a dog to a Holiday Property which is advertised as not accepting

9.4 Fair usage of utilities is a condition of long lets. The owner reserves
the right to terminate any long let where the Owner believes that an
excessive use of utilities (electricity, gas, water, broadband services)
has occurred. Any damage to the Holiday Property or its contents must be
reported as soon as possible during the stay, not after departure, to allow
for investigation. Failure to report damage to the Holiday Property during
your stay may result in the damage being harder and more costly to rectify.
See clauses 6.2, 6.7, 10.1 and 10.2.

9.5 Cleaning and linen changes for long lets are subject to agreement on an
individual basis. There may be extra charges for cleaning and linen/ towels
depending on the frequency required for these services. We will agree these
charges with you before confirming the booking.

10. The Good Housekeeping Deposit/Good Housekeeping Waiver

10.1 Upon checkout you must select either the Good Housekeeping Deposit
or the Good Housekeeping Waiver. The Good Housekeeping Deposit (the
cost of which is stated on the Booking Form) will be held by Lakelovers
on behalf of the Owner to be applied against the reasonable costs of
miscellaneous repairs and/or replacement and additional cleaning of the
Holiday Property, including to furnishings, kitchen equipment,
crockery, glass, bedding and towels damaged or soiled otherwise than by
usual wear and tear during the Holiday Period by you or other members
of your Party. The balance of the Good Housekeeping Deposit (if any)
will be returned to you within 14 days of the Departure Date where
Lakelovers (on behalf of the Owner) or the Owner agrees that you have
no liability to such costs. Where such costs exceed the Good
Housekeeping Deposit, you must pay the excess to Lakelovers within 14
days of being notified of the amount.

10.2 Where you have agreed on the Booking Form to pay the Good
Housekeeping Waiver the Good Housekeeping Deposit is not payable. The
Good Housekeeping Waiver fee is calculated on a per property basis and
is set out on your Booking Form. It is not refundable. The Good
Housekeeping Waiver covers accidental damage or repair to/ extra
cleaning costs of the Holiday Let and its contents up to the value of
£200. This is the total sum covered by the Good Housekeeping Waiver.
You will be liable for the balance of any costs incurred where the
value of these costs exceeds £200. Please note: criminal or wilful
damage will not be covered by the Good Housekeeping Waiver.

11. Keys and Parking Permits

11.1 You must return the keys to the Holiday Property to Lakelovers or to
the Holiday Property’s keybox where applicable on the Departure Date as
directed by Lakelovers. If you lose a key, Lakelovers will replace it for a
fixed charge of £50Alternatively this fee will be deducted from the Good
Housekeeping Deposit (if selected and paid for).

11.2 If a parking permit(s) are issued to you, you must return these as
directed to either the Holiday Property or the Lakelovers’ office as
appropriate. Failure to return the permit upon departure will result in a
fee of £50 being charged to you.

12. Outgoings

12.1 Reasonable costs of electricity, gas and oil are included in the
Holiday Cost. The Owner reserves the right to charge you for any use of
electricity, gas, oil, telephony, TV services or Wi-Fi that they reasonably
believe to be excessive.

12.2 Fuel for open fires/stoves is not provided unless specifically
advertised as being provided. If inappropriate fuel is used on an open fire
or stove you will be liable for the cost of making good any damage. If you
are in any doubt about how to use an open fire/stove or what fuel to use,
you must first check with Lakelovers.

12.3 Wi-Fi is usually provided free of charge but there are exceptions and,
if so, this will be made clear in the Holiday Property’s particulars. No
warranty is given as to the speed of Wi-Fi service nor its reliability as
these factors vary considerably according to location, service provider and
other factors. Wi-Fi service is provided with the expectation that speeds/
data allowance may be limited and no compensation will be given as a
consequence of slow speeds / over consumption of data usage. If there is a
data allowance limit advertised and you use up the advertised data usage
allowance during your stay, the Owner reserves the right to either: i)
charge you a supplement for a data allowance top up, or ii) decline to top
up the data allowance. Wi-Fi may not be available at all times and is
provided for personal use only, and not business purposes. Bookings cannot
be accepted if they are solely reliant on the provision of uninterrupted
and unlimited Wi-Fi.

13. Linen/Equipment/Food

13.1 There is a cost for hiring cots and high chairs (if they are
available) which is shown on the booking form. Cots, where hired, are
travel cots and only supplied with padded bases. High chair type may vary
from property to property. You must provide all baby bedding and linen.

13.2 The Owner will not be responsible for providing food, washing up
liquid, dishwasher and washing machine powders or other such items.

13.3 Save for any baby linen, clean bed linen will be provided at the
commencement of the Holiday Period. No change of bed linen will be provided
except where the duration of the rental period exceeds a period of 14 days
in which case a change of bed linen and towels and full clean of your
accommodation will be provided midway through your stay and usually on the
8th day of your holiday, i.e. Friday for Friday changeovers and
Saturday for Saturday changeovers.

13.4 You may refuse this additional service of linen, towel change and full
clean by contacting us prior to the day when the clean is scheduled to take

13.5 One standard size bath towel and one hand towel are provided for you
and each member of your Party.

13.6 In case of any failure of any domestic appliances and equipment,
you must report the failure as soon as possible to allow attempts to
repair such items wherever practicable.

14. Use

The Holiday Property must not be used except for the purposes of a holiday
by you and your Party during the Holiday Period and not for any other
purpose or longer period.

15. Early Termination

This Holiday Let may be terminated before the end of the Holiday Period by
the Owner or Lakelovers (as agent for the Owner) directly giving you notice
of termination in the event of you or a member of Your Party being in
serious breach of these Terms and Conditions. The Holiday Let may also be
terminated by reason of fire or other event which renders the Holiday
Property uninhabitable.

16. Cancellation

16.1 Lakelovers and the Owner do not expect to have to make any changes to
your Holiday Let. Sometimes problems do occur however and Lakelovers (as
agents for the Owner) reserve the right to cancel the Holiday Let where
circumstances cause the Holiday Property to become unavailable or
uninhabitable during the Holiday Period, including the withdrawal of the
Holiday Property from the Lakelovers’ Portfolio. In such circumstances
Lakelovers (on behalf of the Owner) will endeavour to offer an alternative
property from the Lakelovers’ Portfolio to you from the Commencement Date
to the Departure Date. Should Lakelovers (on behalf of the Owner) cancel
the Holiday Let in this way and you do not accept an alternative property
or a suitable alternative property is not available from the Lakelovers’
Portfolio, a refund will be made to you of all monies you have paid to
Lakelovers in relation to the Holiday Let.

16.2 In any case where an alternative property offered to you costs more
than the original property booked, and you accept the alternative property
offered, you will have to pay the balance of the cost between the lower and
higher cost properties. Where an alternative property is offered to you and
the alternative costs less than the original property booked, and you
accept the alternative property option, you will be refunded the balance of
the cost between the higher and lower cost properties. Lakelovers will have
no further liability to you.

17. Cancellation by You

17.1 If you cancel the Holiday Let, You are still liable to pay the balance
of the Holiday Cost.

17.2 Lakelovers (as agents for the Owner) will seek to re-let the Holiday
Property at the best price actually achievable for the Holiday Period (but
not necessarily at the Holiday Cost advertised on Lakelovers’ website). If
the Holiday Property-lets for the Holiday Period, monies received by
Lakelovers as agents for the Owner for the re-let will be used to refund
you for the Holiday Cost you have paid less an administration fee of
£30.00, any extras already paid for (which are not refundable) and a
handling charge of £50.00. This refund will be made within two weeks of the
end of the Holiday Period.

17.3 No refunds will be given for cancellations made within the four week
period prior to the Commencement Date of the Holiday Period.

17.4 If you voluntarily leave the Holiday Property before the end date of
the Holiday Period, no refund will be given in respect of the portion of
the Holiday Period when you do no not occupy the Holiday Property.

18. Website Accuracy

Lakelovers reserves the right to make alterations to their website at any
time and you are advised to view the most up to date details of the Holiday
Property on the Lakelovers’ website.

19. Lost Property

Lakelovers will retain any items left at the Holiday Property for a period
of 28 days from the Departure Date. Items left by you will be returned to
you if requested, at a cost of £15.00 plus postage and packing. Lakelovers
do not accept responsibility for the safe carriage of any items returned.
Items of food and drink will not be returned.

20. Pets

20.1 If pets are permitted in the Holiday Property this will be stated in
Lakelovers’ brochure/website. Pets (other than genuine assistance animals)
are not allowed unless clearly stated. Pets are not allowed onto the
furniture or (other than genuine assistance animals) into bedrooms and are
not to be left alone in the Holiday Property or in the grounds of the
Holiday Property. At the Departure Date no sign that the pet has been at
the Holiday Property or grounds shall be evident and no nuisance or
annoyance shall be caused by the pet (including excessive noise). If pets
are permitted in the Holiday Property no guarantee is given that the
Holiday Property will have a secured enclosed garden or other means to
secure the pet outside. See also condition 6.12.

20.2 Neither the Owner nor Lakelovers can give any warranty or undertaking
to you or any member of your Party that any Holiday Property is suitable
for sufferers of pet related allergies.

20.3 Properties may charge a supplement for animals. If applicable, this is
stated on the Booking Form.

21. Compensation

Neither the Owner nor Lakelovers can accept responsibility or pay any
compensation where they are prevented from carrying out any obligation to
you under these Terms due to events beyond their control including the
destruction and damage of the Holiday Property through fire, flood,
explosion, storm or weather damage, adverse weather conditions,
neighbouring building works, noise disturbance, burglary, criminal damage,
riot, industrial action, natural disaster, war or threat of war, actual or
threatened terrorist activity, non-availability of public transport,
destruction/interruption of utility services, epidemic, infestation by
pests and/or similar situations beyond the control of the Owner or
Lakelovers, either before the Commencement Date or during the Holiday

22. Vehicles

If the Holiday Property has the benefit of an on-street parking permit or
any other form of parking permit you will be responsible for any fines
imposed for failure to display the permit as directed by Lakelovers. You or
members of your party must park only in the designated parking areas, if
provided, and not cause any obstruction. Parking may not always be directly
outside of your Holiday Property Please refer to your directions to the
Holiday Property for more details

23. Weather

No liability is accepted by the Owner or Lakelovers for access difficulties
to the Holiday Property caused by weather conditions affecting access. We
try to keep you informed of adverse weather conditions via the Lakelovers’
website /social media, which may affect public or private access to the
Holiday Property, however, road and transport conditions can change
rapidly. Therefore, you are strongly advised to seek the latest information
relating to access prior to setting off on your journey.

24. Water/Utility Supply

24.1 Neither the Owner nor Lakelovers as agents can accept responsibility
for water shortages caused as a result of drought conditions, emergency
works by utility operator(s) (to include electricity, gas or Wi-Fi) or an
act of omission of the relevant utility operator or any other cause outside
the control of the Owner or Lakelovers.

25. If the Holiday Property has a private water supply you are advised to
boil water before drinking or using it in cooking.

26. Refuse Collection

You are required to put refuse/recycling in the appropriate place to await
collection in accordance with the instructions left at the Holiday
Property. You are also required to return the bin to the appropriate
location following collection. Please notify Lakelovers if a collection is

27. Complaints

27.1 If problems do occur for whatever reason, please contact Lakelovers as
soon as possible on our service number. This number is given on booking
confirmation correspondence, customer feedback forms and property
information folders within properties.

27.2 Some properties are managed by the Owner, not Lakelovers.
If this is the case contact details for the Owner or their Owner’s approved
contractor(s) will be left in the property information folder. The Owner or
their appointed representative /contractors should be the first person you
call if there is a fault in the Holiday Property, not Lakelovers if the owner arranges his/her own maintenance and
housekeeping arrangements. Otherwise your first contact point will be
Lakelovers who act on behalf of the Owner.

27.3 You must always notify us or the Owner as soon as possible as it is
often difficult or impossible to resolve a problem once time has passed and
particularly where you have left the Holiday Property.

27.4 Most complaints are resolved quickly however if a complaint is not
resolved by our own staff, the Owner, or associated contractors on behalf
of the Owner following your first report, we will put into place the
following procedures:

27.4.1 if you are staying at the Holiday Property when the unresolved
complaint is escalated, then you must contact our offices by telephone,
email or in person to report the issue(s) at the earliest opportunity and
provide evidence if possible;

27.4.2 we can be contacted 7 days a week on our switchboard number (015394
88855). This number is given on booking confirmation correspondence and
property information folders within properties. When our offices are closed
outside of the hours 9am-5.30pm (Monday-Saturday) you may call this number:
015394 88855 and you will be given a mobile number to call the on call duty
member of staff – for emergency maintenance issues only;

27.4.3 if you do not have phone reception at the location where you are
staying you must make reasonable efforts to make a call from a nearby
public telephone or send us an email.

27.5 In order for us to respond to a complaint in these circumstances it is
essential that you give the Owner or Lakelovers (on behalf of the Owner)
reasonable opportunity to rectify the problem. This includes allowing
Lakelovers’ staff or contractors (on behalf of the Owner) access to the
Holiday Property at a reasonable time to assess and rectify any problems
(see condition 13.6). No compensation will be offered (on behalf of the
Owner) where opportunity to rectify problems is denied by you. You must not
vacate the Holiday Property as a consequence of any complaint raised by you
(unless there is an evident danger to you or your party) until the
complaint can be assessed by Lakelovers or the Owner and reasonable
attempts to rectify the problem(s) can be attempted. Any consideration of
compensation will be affected by you allowing or frustrating such
reasonable attempts to rectify any problem(s)

27.6 Where appropriate, we may need to contact the Owner to seek permission
to undertake repairs on their behalf and in any case we will always advise
the Owner in the first instance of any cause for complaint. Please note
that the Holiday Let is an agreement is between you and the Owner.

27.7 If you are not satisfied by the attempts to resolve the problem(s) and
you have left the Holiday Property, you are requested to put your comments
in writing (by email, letter or Customer Questionnaire) and send to our
Windermere Office. We will endeavour to respond (on behalf of the Owner) to
all such complaints within 28 days of receipt. Where this is not possible
you will be advised of the estimated resolution timescale.

28. Data Protection

Please see our Privacy Notice which is available on our website at


and which explains how we process your personal data.

29. Promotion Code Terms and Conditions

29.1 Specific terms may apply to special offers and promotions.

29.2 Promotion codes entitle you, at the time of ordering, to a saving on a
new holiday or a gift.

29.3 Lakelovers reserves the right to decline to accept bookings or gifts
where, in its opinion, a promotion code is invalid for the booking being

29.4 Promotion codes are only valid on specific holidays and may be
withdrawn at any time.

29.5 Only one promotion code can be used per booking.

29.6 Promotion codes are not valid in conjunction with any other promotion.

29.7 Lakelovers reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions at
any time.

30. Applicable Law

These Terms and Conditions are governed by English law.

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